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● Made with thick and durable PVC materials, easy to clean and carry  
● Anti-slip design makes training safe and increases exercise efficiency 
● Diameter: 65CM
● Suitable for pilates, yoga, weight training and other balance sports 
● Can build muscles strength, improve body health, and shape a perfect figure 
● Humanized design, fashionable and durable 
● Max User Weight: 150kg
● Free Air Pump


Gym handle made from solid steel finished with chrome plating to prevent rusting and long lasting.

This gym handle attachment accessories is made for gym grade and suitable for home use. Super high quality.

The gym handle attachment suitable for any cable machine in the gym to train various muscle parts.

Gym handle attachment suitable for cable rowing machine, lat pull down machine, cable crossover machine and many more. 

  • Used for any kinds of Aerobic Exercises or Cardio training. Great for Commercial/Home Gym use, Group Aerobic/Step classes.
  • High Quality and Very Durable Plastic allows maximum user performance and safety.
  • Max. Height 20cm with 4 Pieces of Height Adjustment Blocks.
  • Various workouts and exercises can be done on the step board.
  • Product Dimension in cm : 114(L) x 42(W) x 20(H)
  • Adjustable Height : 10cm / 15cm / 20cm
  • Max user weight : 200kg
  • Console:  Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Watt
  • Features: Sealed Ball Bearings, Chain-Driven, Biomechanic Crank Design, 27" Diameter Steel Fan, Unlimmited Air Resistance, Complete Cross-Fit Workout
  • Product Dimension: 134(L) x 58.5(W) x 130(H) in cm
  • Product Weight: 44.7kg
  • Max User Weight: 135kg

The brand new Z5200 Power Rack at an affordable price, designed purposely for home use and personal studio, covered by a 5 years warranty on frame. Includes power band pins, numbered uprights and cross bars for easy change overs. Jhooks now come with safety spring clips and heavy duty cover plates, heavy duty square tubing safety's with heavy duty cover plates, pair dip handles that fit onto the uprights.

• New improved design
• Heavy duty 4 x JHooks Spotters + 2 x Heavy Duty Safety Bars, with protective rubber plates and spring loaded JHooks for extra safety
• Heavy duty dip handles
• Numbered uprights for easy height selection
• 5 Way multi grip chin up bar
• Power band pins
• Power rack frame 60 x 60 x 2mm tubing
• Safety points as well as band pegs for positive and negative functional strength training, offers a wide variety of most effective free/weight exercises
• Use strength bands along with your Z5200 Power Rack to workout, such as assisted pull-ups, assisted dips,
resisted push-ups, band weighted pull-ups, band weighted dips and mores.

PRODUCT DIMENSION(mm): 2139(H) x 1220(W) x 1499(D)
Weight load capacities:Barbell hooks and safety bars-249kg

5 years on frame


• Flywheel: 18kg Heavy duty flywheel
• Resistance: Adjustable 
• Seat: Adjustable vertically and horizontally  
• Handlebar: Adjustable 
• Pedal: Easy fit pedals with foot strap adjustable 
• Crank: 3pcs crank
• Others: Tablet/Phone holder;Bottle holders

Max user weight: 150KG
Assembly dimensions(cm): 100(L) x 58(W) x 120(H)
G.W. / N.W. : 60KG / 56KG

1 Year

  • Ultra-glide bushings : for smooth, silent and efficient movement
  • Smith Bar: Chromed and knurled for secure grip
  • Weight Plates: Smith bar accommodates both 1” standard and 2” Olympic weight plates
  • 8 Positions: 8 “hook-in” holes for quick and safe lockouts
  • Safety Catches: Train without the need for a spotter
  • Enlarged Foot Covers: Offering more stability
  • Compact Design: Great for those short on space
  • Extra Accessories: Push up handles and foot-hold foam rollers for sit-ups
  • Weight Horns: Safe storage of your weight plates
  • Product Dimensions: 108 x 183 x 190 cm
  • Product Weight: 49 kg
  • Weight Capacity: Smith Bar: 200kg
  • Weight Storage Posts: It is highly recommended that during use, weights are stored on the rear weight pins for added stability & safety.

• Develops chest and triceps like no other
• Ability to use a wide range of widths and angles, not possible on normal fixed dipping machines
• Fits easily into any home gym environment
• Heavy duty steel tubing, anodized allen head fittings, rubber non slip feet
• Easy to store & easily stacked together
• 150kg max user weight


Squat Rack F5 is designed by USA which is highly recommended for home workout.

Durable & Stable: The Squat Rack is made of high quality steel; the enhanced frame provides extra stability and support for up to 550 lbs (250kg).

Guaranteed safety: Anti-slip grip on dip station provide extra support and protection for the floor Innovative design: Innovative and Multi-functional design. Ideal for dips, bench press, squats, and more.

-Assembly Dimension(L×W×H) mm 1720x730x1120

-Suitable for 1.8M / 2.2M Barbells

Suitable to use with bench for various type for workout.

-Product not included barbell and weight plate

-Provided weight plate holder for both side



Flywheel: 7kg Magnetic flywheel, 2-ways bearing
Resistance: 1-8 levels tension selection knob
Seat: Adjustable vertically and horizontally
Foot Plates: Oversized foot pedal
Monitor: LCD display with time, speed, distance, calories, odo, pulse
Transport Wheels: Front-wheel for easy movement

Max user weight: 120KG
Product assembly dimensions(cm): 135(L) x 67(W) x 167(H)
Weight: 44.5KG

1 Year

  • Fixed curl bar with weighted ends
  • Hardened chrome bar
  • Rubberised weighted ends
  • Medium textured knurling
  • Commercial quality chromed steel
  • Durable – built to last
  • Available in 5kg increments (10kg - 30kg)

XTECH Flat Bench [F4000] designed to broaden your exercise potential, the flat Bench is the cornerstone of any strength program. Made from thick solid steel with a 2.5" oversized pad, the bench combines stability with comfort for top performance. Ideal for both seated and bridging exercises, the adidas Flat Bench has a max load of 205 kg for more advanced weight training.

• Designed to broaden your exercise potential, the XTECH flat bench is the cornerstone of any strength program
• Made from hollow steel with a 25 Inch thick oversized pad, the bench combines stability with comfort for top performance
• Engineered with a max load of 205 kg, the flat bench is built to push your training further
• Ideal for both seated and bridging lifts, the adidas flat bench broadens your exercise potential
• Built with a wide profile design, the bench lays a solid foundation for your weight training regime

• Frame size(cm): 50 x 50
• Frame thickness(cm): 0.3
• Cushion Pad thickness(cm): 6.35
• Max User Weight(kg): 205
• Product Weight(kg) : 13.2
• Product Size(L x W x H cm): 110 x 47.5 x 42.5


- Variations -


6 Weight Range: 4kg > 8kg > 12kg > 16kg > 20kg > 24kg 



9 Weight Range: 4kg > 8kg > 12kg > 16kg > 20kg > 24kg > 28kg > 32kg > 36kg


• Flat Feet design
• Multi grip chin handles
• Heavy duty steel cable 1000 lbs tested
• 100kg weight stack ratio 2:1
• Fully adjustbale cable system for top and low cable workout
• Heavy duty padded grip handles
• Powder coated frame finish
• Includes straight and curl barbell for lat pull down and arm curl
• Included T-bar, tricep rope and ankle strap

PRODUCT DIMENSION(mm): 1520(L) x 1448(D) x 2229(H)